What is Keto Diet?

What is Keto Diet

Keto Diet is a special form of diet plan that is primarily based on reducing your carbohydrate and protein intake and increasing your fat intake, good fats in particular. This is so because when you deprive your body of carbs and protein, it starts using fat as its main source of fuel to extract energy. This works strikingly well to help you lose weight while getting back to your lean shape.

This special diet has derived its name from a unique process named ketosis, which is a metabolic process initiated in liver when it starts producing ketones to supply energy to the body. When there are no carbs in the body, the liver is drawn to produce energy from fat by converting it into ketones, which are nothing but a kind of unsaturated fat.

This kind of diet is gaining huge popularity because it gives results very quickly. Even celebrities vouch for its efficacy and power.  The best part about this diet is that there are not many restrictions when it comes to food intake and you do not have to go long spells without eating. The only thing that should be strictly avoided when on this diet is carbohydrates. Some of the carb-rich foods which are a straight no in this diet are potatoes, breads, pasta, processed foods and the like. You do not need to give up on butter, vegetables, grass fed meat, fish or eggs while following this unique diet. You should also intake a good amount of fiber by consuming whole grains, leafy green vegetables and nuts. Additionally, do not forget to stay appropriately hydrated all the time.

What is Keto Diet

The Keto diet is very effective and its power has been scientifically proven. It promises drastic weight loss rapidly because in it your body is burning fat for energy and not glucose. But, because these days we are all surrounded by processed and junk food, staying away from it can be a big challenge. But, once you are able to control your cravings, you can anticipate a healthy and fit body just in a few months with Keto.

In Keto Diet, you derive 60 to 80% of energy for the day by burning fat, and the rest by burning carbohydrates and protein. The ratio of fats to carbs and protein is kept at 4:1 to create an ideal environment in the body to burn fat for gaining vitality. Generally, while following this diet you need to stick to 25 net carbs for the day on an average.

Like with any kind of diet plan, it is important that you complement your Keto Diet routine with a proper schedule of exercise. This will add strength to your weight loss efforts, opening ways for an active body and a strong immune system.

keto diet

Keto Diet requires a lifestyle change to be effective. You need to be dedicated to your target of losing weight and practice all the restrictions carefully to gain maximum benefit from this special diet plan in minimum time possible.

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